It has always been annual thing for Aero News Network (ANN) to vote and make a review for the best aircraft in a number of pivotal categories. Never an easy task to decide because every aircraft has its goods and bads. This time, ANN has decided to vote for the very best aircraft in all categories, or they would say it as the ‘Best Breed of All’.

Impressive safety records, latest technology for glass cockpit and digital autopilot, delightful handling, excellent low-speed manners, phenomenal crash-worthiness, incredible visibility and lovely styling are the reasons why DA40 prove to be the best plane in its category. Diamond Aircraft DA40 Generation comes in 3 different types with different specification to best suit the customer needs.

1. DA40 XLS

Manufactured in the Canada and equipped with Lycoming Engine of 180HP,  DA40XLS proves to be one of the best selling aircraft for flying schools and aircraft charters in the area. Click here to see the detailed specification.

2. DA40 TDI

Avgas is scarce in some part of the world. Lycoming is definitely not an option. Diamond Aircraft come up with another version of DA40 with Thielert Engine that consume avtur or Jet-A1.

3. DA40 NG (New Generation)

The latest version of DA40 is equipped with Austro Engine AE 300 Turbocharged Common-Rail Injected 2.0 Liter Diesel Engine. The fastest in its line. Click here to see the detailed specification.

Once again, kudos to Diamond Aircraft for DA40 to be voted as ‘Plane of the Year’. It’s definitely a good start in 2013. Don’t forget to check out the NEWS and the VIDEO at Aero News Network.