The first Flyer-Truck was manufactured in 1993, and made it’s first debut at the Muhldorf Mopling (EDMY). 20 years later and we are known for our utmost quality in innovative aircraft tugs. Konrad Zaglauer, founder of the company, has actually begun laying down the foundation of the company since 1953. At first, aircraft was not his only focus, but only then as the company grows, aviation becomes one of the company’s main focuses. With our long history going back to decades ago, Flyer Truck is established with creating highly formidable vehicles, special engines, and aircrafts.

Today Flyer-Truck stands for a variety of formidable airport equipments that includes aircraft tug, transport vehicle, and power supply units. Services are at the highest standard in Flyer-Truck, and customer economical satisfaction is our priority.

FBO, maintenance services, and even airfield clubs, have been part of the services we provide.The Towbarless towing devices, either with fuel engine or electric drive, have been proven to be safe, ecological, and above all, flexible for usage towards fast moving aircraft and helicopters on the ground. The ingenious landing gear bracket together with finely tuned drive components are combined for use tug with low maintenance requirements.

Worldwide, there are over 300 Flyer Truck Zaglauer moving tugs, used in over 25 countries, for all major aircraft and helicopter use. Gladly we advise you to contact us by phone or email to further inform you of our services.

Once again, Happy 20th year Anniversary.