Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH is Europeís largest and most innovative producer of ultra-modern, lightweight fiberglass and carbon fiber composite aircraft. Our aviation group network is a unique as you are. If you are looking for an upgrade or just the best aircraft to meet your specific requirements, each member of our Group is there to support.



Austro  Engine  develops  and  produces  state  of  the  art  Wankel  rotary  engines  and  Jet A1 aviation piston engines. The newly developed AE300 (E4-series), a turbo diesel piston engine running on Jet A1 fuel with 170 horse powers, represents a new generation of aviation engines.



CENTURION is the leading brand for certified kerosene piston aircraft engines in general aviation. The CENTURION engines technically advanced diesel engines which can operate on auto-diesel (DIN 590) and especially with the standard aviation fuel kerosene (Jet Fuel, Jet-A).



Maschinenbau Zaglauer producing and marketing aircraft towbarless moving machines for private and commercial use. The product typically includes moving tugs for aircraft and helicopters made by prominent aircraft manufacturers with a take-off weight of between 2 and 35 tonnes.



Red Box International has been manufacturing Ground Power Equipment since 1993. We boast a comprehensive range of ground power equipment including, Aircraft Tugs, Aviation Tools, Tool Control Systems. We specialize in the manufacture of solid state GPUís.


ICL Logo

Intelligent Charging, UK

Intelligent Charging has a long history of producing state-of-the-art, electronically controlled battery chargers and capacity testers for military uses, commercial airlines and aviation service companies.Used by the British Royal Navy & Air Force and many airlines, recommended by leading aircraft and battery manufacturers, the Intelligent Charging range of automatic battery charger / analyzers have a proven track record world-wide. They are vital maintenance equipment for any battery-critical applications.



Power Sonix, Inc. was formed in 1997, our skilled sound engineers and production management team carry on a 50-year tradition of innovation in light weight, high-power, high-intelligibility speech projection for air, land and sea.



The Chadwick Vibration Expert (VXP) is designed to support all aircraft vibration test and balancing requirements ñ present and future. The digital signal processor in the acquisition unit supports spectrum analysis, multi-plane balance, narrow-band tracking and broadband vibration tasks.



Phillips 66 Lubricants, USA

Phillips 66 Lubricants is the fourth-largest finished lubricants supplier in the U.S. It manufactures and markets four premier brands: Conoco Æ , Phillips 66 Æ , 76 Æ Lubricants and Kendall Æ Motor Oil.
These diverse brands share more than 400 years of lubricants industry experience, supplying a number of private label and original equipment manufacturers throughout North America.



Creative Tent, USA

CTI offers a range of installation, relocation and maintenance services to all of our commercial and military customers worldwide.

Our service team can provide training and oversight so customers/end users learn to correctly install their own units or we can provide complete turnkey installations. Site visits during initial planning states, as well as, preventive and ongoing, long term maintenance options are also available.

CTI is also the contract holder of the GSA Service Contract GS04Q14DBD0002, responsible for service and maintenance to all fabric shelters for US Army TACOM ISLC (Integrated Logistics Support Center), for install, strike, maintenance and refurbishment of Large Area Maintenance Shelters (LAMS) for the US military. Contact us to learn more!



GBarberi, Italy

Founded in 1950, GB Barberi has operated for more than 60 years in the aviation sector and in the outfitting of special vehicles.  From conception to final trial stage, GB proposes custom-made designs, carefully over-seeing every stage of the realisation of both one-off items as well as large series.   It is through the continuous investment in research and development, the collaboration with the most important manufacturers of helicopters, the collaboration with the armed forces and civilian operators, that guarantees GB can assure the most advanced know-how of the sector and the continuing improvement of the products and the services it offers.


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Salmek, Sweden

We have learned, from years of aircraft maintenance that ground equipment must be as suitable as possible for its purpouse.
As an operator and/or MRO, equipment well suited for each operation may be a sound investment and saves money by reducing labor-, shipping-, storing- and maintenance costs.
We develop and CE-mark our ground support equipment but also takes on projects unique for each customer.
We constantly strive to expand our network of partners and dealers to come closer to our customers.



Titanium Aviation Services, Singapore

Titanium Aviation Services specializes in Ground Support Equipment (GSE) services for airlines, FBOs, MROs, Cargo, Flight catering and ground handling companies. We offer engineering services across all types of GSE. All the specific requirements can be customized to meet the challenge.



Asian Aerospace Services, Thailand

Asian Aerospace Services Ltd. (AAS) is a General Aviation services company founded and managed by experienced aviation professionals who are passionate pilots and aircraft engineers. Our experience include air charter, aircraft service and maintenance, aircraft management and aviation sales. Passionate aviation enthusiasts ourselves, we understands your needs for the most cost effective and hassle-free solutions.





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