Our foundation begins as early as 1983 in Jakarta, Indonesia, as a family owned company, under the flagship of Garuda Motor, specializing in spare part motor vehicles, mastering each component from every nuts-and-bolts of a four-wheeled vehicle, motorbikes, to heavy load trucks. As the moment presents itself, we realize the resemblance and homogeneity in the mechanism and general fundamentals of fellow industrial machineries. The company seized the opportunity and potential to expand, and as a result, was able to focus on heavy machineries, acquiring mechanical engineering projects with well known, mega companies like Jaya Konstruksi MP PT., Waskita Karya PT., and Hutama Yala PT., to name a few; as we represent Macnaught an industrial lubricant supporting device from Australia, EFS an industrial waste evaluating device from France, Cardev a biodegradable environmental friendly lubricant from UK, and Panolin a Swiss oil technology.

Despite of our efforts to climb forward, in 1996 we were so closed to being defeated by a massive fire that gallops our headquarter, together with our closely located warehouse, everything turns to ashes. Barely suffice the tragedy; Jakarta went through the worse economical downfall that triggers a nationwide incident of mass violence of a racial nature in 1998. We generally had to start close from zero.

However, we did not stop there. The pioneers and masterminds of the company are not resting, and will not succumb to the circumstantial adversaries, they believe in the potential of the people, the products and the company. As a series of event led to another, we are privilege to support the advancement and needs of our country’s defense organizations – Military, Navy, Air Force, SAR and Police Department. Supplying a variety of products including ground support equipment, avionics spare parts and aircraft engines together with Hobart, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and Honeywell to name a few. It was not until 2006 when the company found its focus with the birth of Tunas Nusa Raya PT.

With Tunas Nusa Raya PT., the company comprehends a whole new horizon. We are honored to be selected as the company to supply the much-awaited training aircraft in the Air Marshalls facility. We are able deliver, one of the best aircraft of its class, with record breaking economical fuel consumption, under a very tight time table, and simply put, it was physically breathtaking – Diamond Aircraft. Since then on, we have focused on the aviation industry, formalizing the divert and subsequently continues to secure the trust and exclusive support from the best product of its type from all over the world – Diamond Aircraft Industries and Austro Engine of Austria, Red Box Power International of UK, Centurion Engine and Flyer Truck of Germany, Heli Tow Cart of Canada, DSI Digital Solutions International, PowerSonix, and allow us to introduce with great delight as we regionally present our latest product in the portfolio – world known oil refining company – Phillips 66 Lubricants of the United States.

We are not anywhere close to slowing down or appeased at our current establishments, we shall not stop to provide the best service with highest quality, generated by record breaking products, supported with 30 years of commitment to deliver new expectations and results in your business. We’re just getting started.