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Designed and built to save time and money for FBOs, Maintenance Shops, Corporate aviation or anyone needing to move aircraft. The 717 Clamp&Lift™ Tug makes it easy for one person to manoeuvre aircraft quickly and safely in tightly stacked hangars or staging on the ramp.

Standard Features:
• 340cc Honda OHV Engine – EPA approved
• Gasoline (87-100LL)
• Electric key start
• Heavy-Duty hydrostatic transmission
• Neutral automatic braking
• Electro-Hydraulic nose wheel
Clamp&Lift™ system
• Quick-Lock strap to secure nosewheel
• High-floatation pneumatic drive & steer tires
• Heavy-duty alternator keeps battery charged
• Diamond deck riding platform

• Liquid propane fuel system (Model 717L)
• Forward/reverse alarm
• 2nd Headlight
• Amber strobe light
• Fire extinguisher
• Pintle hitch (helicopter dolly mover)
• Cirrus attachment
• Battery tender

Clamp and Lift


Optional Cirrus Attachment


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