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CT75A Capacity Tester

CT75A capacity tester

Operationally the same as the MB73+ models but without any charge capability the CT75A has all the same features of cell monitoring, process mode operation, cell balancing and hard copy of capacity test results using the optional external printer.

  • Capacity test 12.0V batteries up to 100.0A
  • Capacity test 24.0V batteries up to 80.0A
  • Input Voltage maximum 40.0V Input
  • Watts maximum 2KW
  • Cell Monitoring and Cell balancing using the cell monitor.
  • Process mode can be used to capacity test and follow on with cell balance.
  • External printer to provide hard copy of test results.
  • Universal input voltage 85-264VAC, 120-300VDC, 47-440Hz, 25W Max.
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High Current (up to 100A) automatic capacity testing from Intelligent Charging.

A UK-based helicopter manufacturer wanted high capacity testing capability for their helicopter batteries and, finding nothing readily available on the open market, came to Intelligent Charging Limited for a special unit.

As a result of the above requirement, Intelligent Charging Limited designed and built this new capacity testing unit to add to our extensive range of intelligent battery charging and capacity testing products. With up to 100.0A capacity testing capability, this model will satisfy the most demanding aviation battery.

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