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Capable and safe

Whether you are a new pilot looking for the perfect first aircraft, an experienced aviator with discerning tastes or a flight school of a high quality standard, buying a DA40 New Generation is always a smart decision. The modern and safe composite aircraft with advanced avionics and the sophisticated Austro Engine 168 hp AE300 jet fuel engine running on Jet-A1 is an exceptional IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules) platform, both for training and travelling. You’ll be impressed by its excellent flight characteristics, remarkable fuel-efficiency and the stunning panoramic visibility out of the canopy.

Length 8.06 m 26 ft 5 in
Height 1.97 m 6 ft 6 in
Wing span 11.63 m 38 ft 2 in
Seats 4 4
Empty weight *) 900 kg 1,984 lbs
MTOM 1,310 kg 2,888 lbs
Payload *) 410 kg 904 lbs
Fuel capacity (standard-/long range tank) 106 lt / 147 lt 28 US gal / 39 US gal
Consumption at 60% 19.7 lt / h 5.2 US gal / h
Max. Speed 285 km / h TAS 154 kts TAS
Max. Operating Altitude 5,000 m 16,404 ft

 *) Specifications apply to standard equipped aircraft, if not otherwise stated. The above data are approximately specifications and may change without notice.

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