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Technical Data

Adapted for aircraft and helicopter up to 25.0 t. max. take off weight

Drive system – 2 electric drive engines

– 3 pulse contact controls

Battery Battery packet, consisting of 4 piece lead acid batteries 12V 115 Ah
Battery charger HF charger 230/24V 30A
Brake Spring power brake magnetic 2 x 40 Nm/24V
Speed Speed control 2-steps for forward and backward

step 1: ca. 0-3 km/h

step 2: ca. 0-6 km/h

speed control over joystick, step control over switch

Range approx. 24 km

depending on speed step and workload

Ground conditions concrete, asphalt
Frame For aircraft up to approx. 25.000 kg,   55.000 lbs

Max. loading: 3.500 kg, 7.700 lbs

Empty weight: 850 kg

dimensions: LxWxH 2.95 x 1.71 x 0.55 m

Steering Remote control

With 2 joysticks (forward and backward / left and right)

Operator button for the landing gear bracket, fast and creep speed, light, safety operating

Landing gear bracket Electric hydraulic landing gear bracket:

– with powerful electric belt winch

– mechanical safety pin

– wheel holder


– max. landing gear width 650 mm

– lift height up to 120 mm

Axle 2 driving axle with chain drive, wheel drive to single tires ever axle; steering axle 360° slewing with steering wheel hanging trailed
Tire equipment 2 piece drive wheels, 15×4 ½-8, solid rubber, heavy duty,

1 steering wheel and 1 double wheel for steering, 200 mm diameter, heavy duty

Lights / safety equipment – 2 emergency switch

– Working light on the landing gear bracket

– Drive light for forward and backward

– Warning light yellow

– Warning signal during driving

Special equipment – GPU connector and cable

– color customer wish

– tool box

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