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Technical Data

Adapted for aircraft and helicopter up to 12.0 t. max. take off weight

Operator Platt Automotive aircraft moving truck, with drivers stage, weatherproof protected operator panel, one master throttle for speed, drive backward and forward, footbrake bar.
Steering Steering wheel, electrical controls with sprocket chain, twin-tyres, steering axle in front
Safety system – Safety interlock for front landing gear-door closing system

– park brake

– emergency stop button on the drivers stage

Engine 23 HP Briggs & Stratton, OHV 2-cylidner 4 stroke engine with electric starter, displacement 724 cm³, fuel ROZ95
Gearbox Hydraulic transmission drive – forward and reverse gear.
Continuously variable speed control, single lever operation
Hydraulic-Components Toothed wheel pump 6 cm³, hydraulic oil tank 13 litre with filter system, fourfold control block with E-magnet valve
Brake system – footbrake bar with disc brake

– park brake

Frames Loading weight: 1500 kg, up to approx. 12.0 t MTOW

weight empty: 613 kg

dimension: L x W 3.80 x 1.72 m

Landing gear bracket – Complete electrical guided lifting and holding hydraulic

– Hydraulic door opening and closing system

– for max landing gear weight 1500 kg

– max. landing gear width 530 mm

– ramp hydraulic for different wheel diameter

– Rotatable draw roll

– wheel hold system for safety anti output

– Wheel down holder landed for single and twin landing gear wheels

– Safety system anti uncontrolled opening of the door opener

Transmission 2 drive wheels with chain drive
Tire equipment Drive wheels, solid rubber, heavy duty
Electric – 12V E-system

– Battery 12V 36 Ah

– 2 working lights

– water protected buttons

– engine starter look 2-stepped

– control lamps

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