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Technical Data

Adapted for aircraft and helicopter up to 25.0 t. max. take off weight

Drive system Electric engine 2 x AC 24V 7.2 kW (HP 9.6) total 14.5 kW (HP 19.2)

Pulse contact control with 70 parameter

Synchron and permanent steering

2 flat gear with roller chain drive

Battery 4 x acid batteries each 12V 260 Ah for approx. 2.5 hour operation time
Battery charger HF charger 230/24V 30A with charge level indicator

incl. adapter cable 230V 1.0m (charging cable)

Brake drive brake as 2 disk brake, hydraulically oil brake on steering axle

parking brake multi-disk spring power brake magnetic 2 x 40 Nm/24V

Speed step 1: approx. 0 – 5/7 km/h  –  step 2: approx. 0 – 18/22 km/h

forward and backward, speed regulation via feed pedal

Frames Loading weight: 3200 kg, for aeroplanes approx. 25.0 t MTOW

weight empty: 1502 kg / 3311 lbs

dimension: (LxWxH) 4.64 x 1.71 x 1.25 m

Drivers plat Driver’s position with seat and water proofed operation elements

Steering column with steering wheel and display, feed pedal for speed and brake, drive direction switch, operation elements for landing gear bracket

Steering Central steering axle with double wheel and spring accumulator

Electric mechanic steering with steering column and steering wheel

Landing gear bracket Electric hydraulic landing gear bracket with powerful belt winch and mechanical safety pin
Tire equipment Drive wheels: pneumatic-tired 195/50-B10, 18×8.00/10,112,5 8 PR

Front axle: 15×4 ½-8 drive wheel, heavy duty, solid rubber

Lighting Working light H3 front and rear, control lighting, Working light on the landing gear bracket, 2 x LED flash safety lighting
Safety equipment Emergency stop, signal horn, stop-over safety circuit without driver, LED-safety blinker beacon front and rear, safety reflector straps

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