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Technical Data

Adapted for aircraft and helicopter up to 18.0 t. max. take off weight

Drive System Electric engine 2 x AC 24V 2 kW

2 flat gear boxes

Pulse contact control

Battery 4 x 12V 135 Ah
Battery charger HF charger 230/12V 30A with charge level indicator

incl. 230 V adapter cable 1.0 m (charging cable)

Brake Spring power brake magnetic 16 Nm/24V
Speed forward and backward:

approx. 0 – 6 km/h

Frames Loading weight: 1600 kg, up to approx. 18.0 t MTOW

weight empty: 430 kg

dimension: L x W 3.83 x 1.51 m

Steering Drawbar steering header

Plastic case with driving switches, fast and creep speed, signal horn

Landing gear bracket Electric hydraulic landing gear bracket with powerful belt winch and a mechanical safety pin, the aircraft isn’t moving during the docking
Tire equipment 15 x 4 1/2

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