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Technical Data

Adapted for aircraft and helicopter up to 11.0 t. max. take off weight

Engine 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton, AVS 4 stroke engine with electric starter
Gearbox Hydraulic transmission drive – forward and reverse gear.
Continuously variable speed control, single lever operation
Frames Loading weight: 2500 kg, up to approx. 11.0 t MTOW

weight empty: 548kg

dimension: L x W 3.43 x 1.52 m

Landing gear bracket Hydraulically operated gear lifting max 10 cm, Hydraulic cylinder with manual operated pump for max weight 2500 kg, for nose gear with single and double tire, max. weight 550 mm
Transmission 2 drive wheels with chain drive
Tire equipment 195/50-B10
Electric Battery 12V 36 Ah

Working Headlight 3-achsis

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