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Model TC3000A/450-6

Combination Start and Continuous Units

Model TC3000A/450-6

Our TC3000A range is simply a combination between our battery powered start units and our mains powered continuous power supply units. When plugged into the mains these units will supply up to 600 amps continuously (dependent on the model). When unplugged they will give up to 6000 peak amps (dependent on the model).

The model number depicts the power of the unit. For instance with a TC3000A/150-4, the 150 indicates that you will get 150 amps continuously and the 4 indicates the number of battery cells. For full information see the relevant specification sheets. Our sales team are happy to help you choose the correct combination start and continuous power unit for your application.


  • High capacity heavy-duty engine starting.
  • Portable start power at remote locations.
  • Lightweight continuous DC power for Maintenance Training and Weapons Testing.
  • Tough and compact.
  • Maintenance free cells.
  • No memory effect.
  • High charge retention cells.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Fast recharge.
  • No cycling.
  • Leak proof cells.
  • Cells replaceable on condition.


  • Overload.
  • Over Voltage.
  • Over Current.
  • Short Circuit.
  • 30mA RCD.
  • Thermal Management.

SAFETY & EMC (Power modules)

  • EN 60950.
  • IEC 335-2-29.
  • Emission – EN 50081-1 EN 55014.
  • Immunity – EN 50082-2 EN 55104.


Max amps 5000 nominal short circuit
7800 maximum short circuit
Capacity 114 Amp Hrs @ 10 Hr rate
Max start voltage 26v DC
Continuous Voltage 28.5v DC
Continuous Power 450 amps
AC Input 200v – 480v 3Ǿ
Size with Casters (mm) (L) 905 x (W) 703 x (H) 1069
Weight Nominal 286 kg
Operating Temp -40°C – + 60°C
Case Zinc Coated Steel
Voltage Indication LED display

Performance Monitoring

LED display

Aircraft Cable 3 M Heavy Duty Cable with Aircraft Connector
Charger 450A Electronic Inbuilt.
Charging time less than
30 minfrom 50%.


Cable Horns
Various Output Cable Lengths
Various Connectors

*Specification may change without notice






@208 Volts 48A, @480
Volts 22A


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