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Model Twin RBL4000

Red Box Power Starting Battery
Model Twin RBL4000

The Red Box range of Lithium start power units are the lightest in the world. These GPUs’ weigh as little at as 7.2Kg and have with maximum outputs of up to 8000 amps compared to our standard lead acid units. As with all Red Box ground power units the lithium range can be twined together to create larger capacity units.

Utilising the latest in Lithium technology these start units are extremely robust and user friendly.

It is important to choose not only the right lithium start power units for your aircraft, but also the right unit for your operation. Some customers only want a unit to start in start in emergencies and some will be using it multiple times a day. Although Red Box units are designed to start aircraft, some customers require a small amount of continuous power as well. If mains power is not readily available then either our battery powered TC range or our HyBRED, fuel propelled unit can solve this problem.

Product Specification

Max amps 3000 (Nom. short circuit current)
8000 (Max. short circuit current)
Capacity 56 Amp Hrs @ 10hr rate
Max voltage 28v DC
Size 2 x L350 W100 H380 mm
Weight 23.2 kg
Operating Temp -30°C – + 60°C
Case Aluminium
Voltage Indication Digital to IP65
Auxiliary Protection Circuit breaker 40A
Aircraft Cable 2m heavy duty cable with aircraft connector
Charger 2 x 4 A Electronic universal AC input.
Protection Reverse polarity warning

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