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Power Sonix speakers are engineered to project extremely clear speech or siren sound over the noise of engines, rotors and other ambient conditions. Our systems provide the ultimate suite of features: minimal weight, very compact, compatibility with most cockpit audio controllers, high efficiency Class D amplifiers, ability to input prerecorded messages and a very competitive price.

Detail specification:

# Horns 2
Amplifier PSAMP600
Wattage of Standard Model 400 W
Power Boosted Wattage (+Series) 600 W
Max Current Draw Standard System 20 amp
Max Current Draw Boosted System 25 amp
Recommended Breaker Rating 35 amp
SPL @1m 138 dB
Range at 70 dB 1600 m
Weight of Speaker/ Amplifier (Recessed systems weigh slightly less 11.8 kg
Standard External System Space Requirement for Amplified Speaker Array 33.7 cm x 24.8 cm x 38.7 cm

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