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Model RB25A 12V

Red Box Power Starting Battery
Model RB25 – 12V


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The Red Box range of battery, aircraft start units are the ideal solution for starting the majority of DC aircraft. They are designed to start aircraft from the very smallest up to the largest business jets. There are a range of voltages (12V, 24V and 28V) and power capacities available.

Product Specification:

Max amps 1600 (Nom. short circuit current)
2600 (Max. short circuit current)
Capacity 32 Amp Hrs @ 10hr rate
Max voltage 13v DC
Size L350 W90 H230 mm
Weight 16 kg
Operating Temp -40°C – + 60°C
Case Stainless Steel
Voltage Indication Digital to IP65
Auxiliary Protection Circuit breaker 20A
Auxiliary Input 14V DC
Aircraft Cable 2 m heavy duty
Charger 4 Amp universal AC input. Charging time less than two hours from 50%
Protection Reverse polarity warning
NATO S/N 2995-99-132-3061
Accessories 50 or 100 Amp 14vDC Power Supply
50 or 100 Amp 14vDC Power Supply 234565

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