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Tool Control Cabinet

The Red Box tool control cabinets are high quality, purpose designed, electronic locking cabinets. Drawing upon years of accumulated experience in electronic tool control, these cabinets are designed to be user friendly and highly functional. User identification is performed via proximity readers, rather than swipe cards or keypads, which means quick, convenient and easy access. These cabinets are rugged and designed to accept future electronic upgrades to protect your investment.

Red Box tool control cabinets are ideal for the controlled sharing of hand tools on the shop-floor and as part of your overall tool control regime.

  • Simple to use, easy to maintain
  • Proximity reader access system
  • Generous drawer capacity
  • Open drawer detection
  • Auto-lock feature
  • Master-Lock feature
  • Tough 1.6mm sheet steel construction
  • 7. 8, 9 and 10 drawer options
  • Battery option available
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Two cabinet sizes:

Red Box Pro 550:
656mm wide, 500mm deep, 1060mm high (including castors)
550mm x 400mm x 800mm drawer stack
1 tonne static capacity

Red Box Pro 950:
1056mm wide, 500mm deep, 1060mm high (including castors)
950mm x 400mm x 800mm drawer stack
1.2 tonne static capacity

Both cabinets can be either fixed or mobile. Additionally, cabinets can provide additional space by adding an extension cabinet which shares the locking control system.

Cabinet Features:

The Red Box tool control cabinets include market leading features.

  • User authentication via proximity reader
    Use printable plastic cards, jelly wrist bands or key fobs. No PIN code to remember, no magnetic strip to wear out
  • Positive lock electronic mechanism
    Reads and enforces the lock state of the cabinet and cannot be defeated by shaking the cabinet
  • Master-Lock feature
    Electronically “seals” the cabinet via privileged card. The cabinet remembers and resumes master lock state even after loss of power. Groups of cabinets can easily share a single Master-Lock card
  • Auto-lock feature
    Automatically locks the cabinet when not in use, with configurable time-out duration or disable option.
  • User configuration via front-panel
    1. Add and remove user access via front panel
    2. Set Master-Lock card
    3. Clear all use
  • Visual feedback of cabinet status
    1. Locked/unlocked
    2. Drawer open
    3. Master lock
    4. Power levels
    5. Programming mode
  • Connectable to computer

Cabinets can be connected to a computer database to record usage. Optional software available for maintaining numbers of cabinets

Optional Extras:

In addition to our range of high quality hand tools we can provide the following:

  • Metal tray lid
  • Hard wood bench top
  • High-grip rubber drawer liners
  • Custom machined foam trays for Visual Tool Control
  • Laser engraving of tools
  • Lighting canopy with back-panel for part-bins or peg-board
  • Panel for mounting power distribution panel
  • Battery Option


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