Today, we would like to introduce the 4 latest revolutionary products from Red Box Power that are now available on the market. RB25A 12V/24V, RB50A 12V/24V, RBL2500 14V/28V, RBL4000 14V/28V.

These high powered dual 12v and 24v units are designed to offer maximum power to weight ratio. With the Red Box ‘switch cable system’ these switchable units can outlive similar products on the market by up to 100%. Red Box duel voltage systems comprise of 2 batteries cleverly configured to ensure that an equal amount of current is drawn from both cells, regardless of whether you are using the unit in 12v or 24v mode. Many other systems on the market will use only one battery when in 12v mode. Built to Military and Aviation standards, you can be guaranteed of the quality of this product.

Units are available in both pure lead and lithium, the lithium units are more expensive but if weight is an issue then these units are the answer.

All our units come with a separate charger, assuring the life of your pack. It is the pack that will get the continual use, keeping the charger separate protects it. The inbuilt LED display will ensure you always know the status of the pack. When the batteries within the unit finally come to the end of their life, just let us know for a replacement set, all batteries are designed to be easily replaceable.

For further product specification, check the links the below:

RB25A 12V/24V

RB50A 12V/24V

RBL2500 14V/28V

RBL4000 14V/28V

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.